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Sunday, 27 April 2014

27th April, 2014... Abbeywatch and Oscar's!

A gormet's delight today, lunch at AbbeyMill, dinner at Oscar's, Abbey House....Frankie's idea of heaven!!!

Had to have my old favourite today, and very nice it was too!!
It was lovely down here today, a mellow spring day, very flowery and green, and we met the Irvings too...though they wouldn't be photographed for the blog!!
We were on the other side of the tracks today as a train came past and that is ...scarily close!!
Now....on to Oscar's...we finally had an excuse to try out the new Abbey House restaurant, and I'm pleased to report..... was lovely!!! Great food, very 'swish' ambience, and it was busy and buzzing!
Delicious main courses.....
......superb desserts....
.....and my children taking 'selfies'!!
It was great to catch up with the 'non-barrow based' contingent of the family too!
So well done Oscar's...nicely crafted food, at a very good price!!
Frank has his eye on my brother's Jag!!
He had a quick tour of Hawcoat, and is now transfixed!!! He's having a day in bed on Sunday, he says, after his frantic social whirl on Saturday!!
So, Frank in bed and SteveHillmanphotography at a Grange wedding (good luck to the happy couple)...a quiet Sunday for me......ha ha, Sunday is not quiet if you are a teacher!!

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