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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15th April, 2014...warming up nicely in Cumbria!!

It was a blustery weekend for SteveHillman Weddings, but by Monday afternoon the weather was looking great....
......always busy at Abbey Mill though!!
We took nana for a rather blustery visit to the docks and coast, but I think she enjoyed it!!
A whole troupe of 'Windcats' passed us in the Channel...I think they service the offshore windfarms; they make an impressive sight all sailing out to Morecambe Bay together.
Stunning skies this morning so we decided to head towards the Lakes today for a change, and it was beautiful!!
Thirty plus years since I started my teaching career...right did many of my colleagues...Charlotte Mason grew great teachers!!!
We bought a mixed media painting from Dave Pooley recently, of the Bridge House at was beautiful and reminded us of doing our 'courting' here when I was at college. Check out his website...he's amazing!
And that was the start of.....THIRTY YEARS of parenthood for us too...and it's nowhere near it's dotage yet!!!!!
I've even been allowed to use the camera today....although it was only the small one!!
Frank want one of these, but his backside is too big!!!
Lakeland Motor Museum definitely worth a visit if you want something to do during the hols....nice view from the riverside café too!!
My new car!!
Frank's not a teenager yet, but he can't help being 'glued' to his phone!!

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