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Friday, 18 April 2014

18th April, 2014...A 'cracking' Good Friday!!

What a beautiful spring by ten this morning we were out walking down here!!

It's funny how we still like to get 'out and about' after all these years....though we look much older these days (see below!!)
We are a little bit wider than we were twenty years ago!!
Where does time go....your kids take it off you, that's where it goes!!!
Tom busy basking in the spring sunshine today too!!
We managed to get into the museum and have a look at the Abbot's Crozier today...that is fascinating and worth a look....
Piece of ancient ash from the length of the crozier.....
Abbot's ring, also found in the grave...
Frankie found it all very weird, especially that the grave laid undisturbed until 2010...and who was the Abbot, he wanted to know???
Morning latte at Abbey Mill to follow!!
There are some beautiful walks around here, especially along side the river..we even saw what we think was a cuckoo this morning??
Nice to have a few days off.....tomorrow sees the start of another round of SteveHillmanPhotography weddings...Good luck to all the up and coming brides and grooms...hope you are all looking back after thirty years with a certain fondness!!
Back to work on Wednesday...! (Those are actually BULLOCKS!)

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  1. fab pictures Steve! And tell Frankie-WE want to know who the abbot was too!!!