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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

31st May, 2017....Floral delights at Furness Abbey!

Last day to get a blog done before it becomes Flaming June! We just haven't had the time to get down to Furness Abbey since the start of and weddings have taken over a little bit, but thankfully it's the spring bank holiday week, and we've allowed ourselves a little bit of 'down-time'. Not much though-if you're a grafting teacher, this half term break is for REPORT WRITING-and it has been for years! But we have managed a sunny walk down here this morning......

.....and it is looking truly stunning.....early summer flowers everywhere......


One of my children has taken the other one on a short break to London.....

......but we did manage a family 'catch-up' first at the lovely Bay Horse! The last text I had from the kids was that they'd had a late breakfast at Pre-a-Manger and were heading to the British Museum! Even though I was born there, I'm really not a fan of London....much prefer the quiet of the countryside!

My mum's the original 'cockney' though...if you know her, you'll know what I mean (pawa wosh!)!

Even the SteveHillmanCamera took time out of his busy schedule to have an ice cream, care of Abbey Mill Café!

Just a couple of days to relax a bit, and unwind before....argh.....masses of stuff through June and July!!!!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

7th May, 2017...YMCA and a sunny Sunday before SATs!

What a beautiful Sunday! Perfect for a walk at Furness Abbey.......

...which was looking like glorious, as always!

We are bringing our hard working year six children down here on Friday after what has become know as 'Silly SATs Season'....we know they will 'nail it' -they always do!

Lovely meal at Abbey House/Oscar's on Friday too.....can recommend it highly! The SteveHillman camera was up at YMCA Lakeside earlier in the week- our children had been invited to a 'taster day' for their new promotions, and they had a fab time! I worked there through my teens, on Day Camps, which kind of set me on the road to becoming a teacher, and my daughter attended Day Camps herself from age seven up until she was thirteen- she loved it! The use of Lake District as an outdoor pursuits venue is becoming quite competitive, and YMCA and now working very hard to re promote themselves-it's worth a look!

'Changing young lives' is what YMCA certainly changed mine! As did this lovely place!

And congratulations to Sam and Natalie who married at Abbey House yesterday...we saw Sam as a newborn!!!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

20th April, 2017.....Furness Abbey and a Grim's Dyke birthday!

Well....we made it to London for the Harrow Weald wedding, and it was LOVELY! Interesting venue too...the Grim's Dyke Hotel was named after a nearby prehistoric earthwork-Grim's Ditch- and was the country home of Lord Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame! I think Best Western Hotels took it over in 1982, but it still retains its gothic/historic feel, with woodland walks, Lady Gilbert's orchard and the restaurant (former billiard room) where the body of Lord Gilbert was laid out after he drowned in his own lake!!! It was certainly a lovely venue for the much awaited and longed-for wedding of our good friend...and here she is....looking lovely, as always! wishes to them......hope they are still together after 35 years!!!!
We headed back up north at 6.30am on the Hillman birthday morning, and were tucking into a hearty breakfast at 10.30am at different that would have been 24 hours later when the M6 was gridlocked!!

We did take a little detour visit Upper Heyford again-perhaps for the last time?!

After an Easter full of weddings, we finally managed a walk to Furness Abbey, which is looking lovely and tranquil in the calm spring weather.....

Poor Abbey Mill's Jackie is no better though....

...but still doing a brilliant 'morning tea'!

Early spring flowers blooming at the moment down here......certainly worth a weekend walk!

In other news, our daughter is finally mobile!!!

Can you tell that's not a SteveHillman photo!!!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

9th April, 2017.....'Action is eloquence''s Shakespeare Season again!

It's scary how quick that half-term has gone...the amount of teaching we've done, helping children and families we've done, community events we've carried out, photos, trips, counselling, family stuff...the list goes on and on...but it's been so rewarding too.....quiet action behind the scenes, but has a big impact! That's teaching....never be put off by people moaning about workload and pressure...every day makes a difference and matters! No wonder my very talented colleagues and I look 'wrung-out' but happy!

                        Found time for a family walk to Furness Abbey today though...a soothing balm!

Can't get my mother off her phone though!!!

It's looking lovely down there at the moment....everything just about 'bursting forth'!

Our school hosted its first ever family quiz and bingo night this was so well supported and great fun...there's real strength in the central Barrow community!

Then we finished with our usual zany 'spring like' Easter assembly and fun day...more mad-cap colleagues! The SteveHillman camera caught up with this bride-to-be earlier in the week....all the way to Barrow to collect her wedding dress for next Saturday....

...look at that 'list' of photos!!

Don't forget to visit Ulverston Canal Regeneration Project's Easter Egg Trail....we've got an egg in it this year!

We though we'd give Clarence House a go on Friday, for 'afternoon tea'....they've had a lot of bad press lately, but it was lovely and time for people to give them another chance I think! It is a beautiful venue, and the staff couldn't do enough for us.

Words mean very little on their own....quiet action, with no need for recognition...that's what counts...ask Shakespeare!!