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Sunday, 8 June 2014

8th June, 2014...phew...a one-day lull in weddings!

That has been a busy fortnight....everybody wants an end of May/start of June wedding, although the weather has been far from perfect!

Beautiful today though! SteveHillmanPhotography has been all over in the past two is a selection of venues!
Yes folks, that is a cow's near Kirkby, and was a unique venue for yesterday's wedding....wet, but great fun by the looks of it! Congrats to all those brides and grooms... our wedding was in Barrow registry office and then my mum and dad's dining room!
Nothing quite like the English countryside...look at that sky.... families were out in force at Abbey Mill today...until that torrential shower at about 1.30pm! I bet a few were caught out by that!
Horses, humans and ducks soaking up the sunshine!
The Steve Hillman camera even got into Furness Academy this week...great views from their mezzanine too!
Don't forget our World war 1 commemorative event on the 26th June...everyone welcome as long as you are in period dress!!

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