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Thursday, 2 January 2014

2nd January, 2014...Happy 2014!!

What has the weather been like!!! Even the intrepid, wolf skin wearing Hillmans, have been sitting in the lounge staring out of the window  and waiting....and waiting... for the rain to stop!! Finally, it did, so we headed out quickly for a stroll!!

Took the binoculars with me today, as we haven't seen much in the way of bird life lately down here...little did we know we would have a fantastic photo opportunity later on!!
No coat for Frank, as usual!!
Lots of families down here today, walking and cycling, and we met our old friend Ady, with his girls, and had a little chat. What a fantastic new TV show, Neil Oliver's Sacred Places of Britain....I hope he includes Furness Abbey in the show at some point...I'm a bit of a fan of his, and would love to meet him, if anyone knows him!!!!!!!!!!!
The fallen tree has been chopped about a bit, and I did wonder about stealing some of the logs for my log-pile mad colleague....but these were just a bit too big!!! Poor old tree, it looks as though it had been standing for well over 80 years...."Nearly as old as you dad" laughed Frank!!
The river is running very high at the moment, and we were just strolling along the banks, talking about how fantastic it would be if the heron was quietly fishing as we walked by. It wasn't, unfortunately.........but.........
....suddenly, there it was, flying just overhead!!!
We also spotted this very well-fed Jay in the trees above the Railway Cottage...a fresh batch of fat-balls had been put out, and were attracting much bird attention!!
Robins are never far away from fat-balls!!
Talking to my colleagues today about events to commemorate the 100 year WW1 anniversary this year. We've decided a vintage type garden party might be nice, along the lines of the Downton Abbey one, in the episode when they found out about the start of the war!!!! The kids would love it, so anyone who has ideas and artefacts to donate, get in touch!!! Onwards and upwards, that's the GGJ motto!!!

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