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Sunday, 19 January 2014

January 19th, 2014...lots of whacky goings on!!!

We decided that whether it was wet and cold OR NOT, we would make it down to the Abbey today, and we did....though torrential rain started to fall at 2.30pm!!

Lots of viewings on the blog lately, with some of the most popular posts being mid-summer and Christmas, so I had a look back at the Abbey buildings through the seasons, and here are the results...
...Winter...what a stunning place!!
 Mr H, Frankie and I attended a stunning wedding last weekend, with a rather whacky began as a christening and ended in the baby's parents getting hitched...and what better backdrop for the photos than...Furness Abbey!!
Ahhh...what lovely people...their little boy is a Frankie too!!
Mr H had been out and about, looking at Ulverston and the canal last week... I think the 'Friends of Ulverston Canal' have set up a support group to try and preserve some of its history and natural wildlife ( a very good friend of ours is involved in this), so good luck to them.....they need to BLOG about it!!
Isn't Furness a lovely place!!
Very hard to get Frankie off his phone to actually notice how lovely Furness is taking over the minds of the younger citizens of the world!! When I was his age, and living on Walney, I used to go off on my bike for three or four hours and just enjoy the solitude of Biggar Bank or West they view it all from behind a screen!!
Greengate are invading Abbots Wood on Tuesday so watch out everybody... there will be a battle re- enactment...but don't get run over by the train!!
So, as I say to Frankie.......

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