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Saturday, 28 December 2013

28th December, 2013....Thinking on a higher level!!!!

Although my colleagues and myself have been working on Christmas since November 4th, it's over again for another year..... and certain happenings have got me thinking!!!! However, it was a beautiful day so we headed off to the Abbey for a walk and some of Abbey Mill's gorgeous Broccoli and Stilton soup... you've got to try it... I'm trying to nab Jacqui's recipe!!!
OOPS!!! Half eaten already!!!
There was a very interesting customised army van in the car park today. We hung around, talking to Mr. Phil, and waited to see if Chris Packham or even NICK BAKER got out, but they didn't!!
We did sit and have our lunch in a hail storm though, but the Jack Wolfskin family are always prepared!!Hoods up, no probs!!
Actually, that's a photo from Christmas Eve in How Tun Woods!!! It was incredibly windy but very atmospheric....we walked up there on Christmas Day too, with Nana, who is 73 TODAY!!
We really are the Jack Wolfskin family....and Frankie is wearing his favourite Christmas present, a cool hat from Rosie (with his name on, she said!!)!
Really lovely at the Abbey today though...if you haven't walked down here for a while because you think it is too 'Barrow', you should give it a try. Then you'll see how 'Barrow' it is (thank goodness!).
Any how, on the way home, we happened to be passing the helipad as an air ambulance was landing to drop off it's passenger. It is quite humbling to think that whilst some people spend their time in a hedonistic way over Christmas, some even actively causing trouble for others, there are heroic human beings like the air ambulance crews, working for the good of all.
Frankie watched in fascination, as he always has since he was 8 months old, and they even gave him a little salute as they flew off!!
And as I watched it fly off, I thought to myself.....2014 is going to be the year of the GOOD people!! (Especially the three lovely colleagues that invited me out this afternoon- I couldn't go, but it won't be forgotten!!). Be kind to each other!!!