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Saturday, 2 November 2013

2nd November, 2013...sunshine, showers and Santa Rog!

We are having very mixed weather at the moment, and Frankie's nana Alma cannot decide what to wear!! Frank's fashion of the moment is 'no coat', along with every other teenage type boy in existence (why do they hate coats so much??!).

It is our 29th wedding anniversary tomorrow, and it was a day very like today...torrential rain one minute, brilliant sunshine the next. We decided to have an anniversary lunch at Abbey Mill CafĂ©, as Steve Hillman Photography (beware of imitations!!) is in action tomorrow, photographing someone else's wedding on his own WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! (Congrats to Sally and Matt for's a lucky day to get married!).
This little guy was after any crumbs!
 There are some lovely walks around here...Abbot's Wood is well worth a look... and the autumn views are breath-taking.
Lots of crop harvesting action going on in the fields around here...we never found out what the crop was in the field at Abbey Approach top, but the grain harvester was at it yesterday.
Damp weather has caused a lot of black spot on the sycamores around here.. the ground is littered with black polka-dot leaves.
Shame... but not preventable... we've had to dig up eight rose bushes from our garden, and bin them, because they were so diseased by the end of the summer. We are on the lookout for those £1.99 bare rooted ones that languish in garden centres all winter, but haven't found any yet??
Back to school Monday... let the Christmas Show madness begin (complete with a new set of mega microphones courtesy of R and T music!!).
 Frank and his sister meet Santa Rogie at our Christmas Fair a few years ago... one from the archives!!


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