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Sunday, 17 November 2013

17th November, 2013...Vintage fairs and new homes...!

The sun made a brief appearance at 9am this morning but by the time we got to the Abbey, a weird misty rain was falling, and has continues to fall all day... the herald of a 'cold snap' the weather forecasters are warning...

It's probably the end of autumnal trees least we haven't had the flooding of last November!
Good to see the Dock Museum hosting a vintage Christmas Fair today.....we had  brief look round and recognised many items from when we were growing up..!
We were just talking about those crocheted blanket the other day... everyone had one!
There's my nan's dressing table set, which I always coveted!!
Nana Alma fitted in rather well... she's more than vintage!
Itsy and Bitsy have finally moved in to their new house....good luck to them! Vintage nana photo bombs again!(They haven't managed to get the boiler lit yet, all you plumbers out there!)
Typical English weather
Oh... promised to promote Furness Flames, so here there are...good luck ladies!!
Maybe we will be looking at this next week...!

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