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Sunday, 10 November 2013

10th November, 2013...Gold sunshine on Remembrance Sunday!

A glorious autumnal sunrise could be viewed through our bedroom this morning at 6am....and a poignant day for many. We headed to the parade and Cenotaph with lots of other Barrovians...

Our MP is obviously supporting 'Movember'... makes him look rather handsome don't you think!!
We did have every intention of staying for the full service today....however, our darling son decided to slip right down the Cenotaph hill, accidentally, so we had to bring him home to get changed....
..he did manage to keep his new glasses clean though!
After a lovely roast lunch, we did manage to get a walk to the Abbey, and it is looking beautiful at the moment, in the golden sunshine, with the trees not quite stripped...
I've pinched some of these for my winter display in school this year..! Hope it's not illegal to pick them?
Abbey sheep with an itch...
...and a raven dive bombing a buzzard... now that IS weird!!
Steve Soppy Hillman insisted I put this photo in...'but we are 50 years old' I cried...! 'You're never too old for romance' came the can tell he is a WEDDING photographer!
We were going to get two Harley Davidsons when we hit forty... alas...we got Frankie instead!!
All ready for another week at school... Christmas prep well under way, but always time for new and interesting people to visit...this is chef James Holden and he wowed us all!

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