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Monday, 7 May 2018

7th May, 2018....Beautiful Bank Holiday basking in the sun!

Phew ! The weather forecasters weren't wrong when they said this would be a record-breaking bank holiday! It has also been packed full of weddings- lucky brides! We did manage a walk to delightfully tranquil Furness Abbey in amongst everything else, and it was looking GLORIOUS!

Look at that sky!! Lots of early spring flowers and blossom out too...

...we love the aromatic wild garlic smell on the walk towards the beck...

...and always time to catch up with Jackie at Abbey Mill café....

.... a very relaxing and calm place this weekend!

Two stunning brides this weekend- look out for the SteveHillman website being updated- he's been looking for a more 'modern' vibe to showcase his photos and Pair Creative from Barrow have been excellent once again!

Had to share this 'photo of a photo' though....we were just starting out- I think we'd been married for eight months!! We're still like this deep down, whatever people think!! 

Managed a good catch up with wider family this weekend too, but our thoughts are with the family of 'Uncle Moz' Hillman....such a lovely and funny guy!

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