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Sunday, 6 March 2016

March 6th, 2016...Stunning weather for Mothering Sunday!


We've woken up to some beautiful sunrises this week, and ended the day with some stunning sunsets, there's been a little snow and some sparking sunshine...look at the skies at Furness Abbey this Mothering Sunday.....

Very busy down here, with everyone taking advantage of the spring sunshine.... did snow very quietly on Thursday car was covered at 7am but in town there wasn't any...disappointed children were asking me why my car had snow on and where had I come in from...we seem to get different weather on Hawcoat Hill!!
There was a lot of surface water around the Furness Abbey area after the snow melted...this area is certainly NOT the place to be building a new housing decisions about this will be made this week...let's hope common sense prevails!!
The SteveHillman camera, along with Old Father Raymond attended the funeral of the well respected Horace Parrington earlier on in the week; sad, though a life well lived...and again a reminder of what a stunning place we live in.....
So...journeys with my mother......
...we headed off for a Mothering Sunday meal at The Bay Horse...they do a 'lovely roast' according to my mother, and I have to agree...we often pop in there for tea or Sunday lunch and it is always nice!
Keep forgetting....I'm this pair's mother too!!
Why do they have to get 'Selfies' everywhere they go...what are they exactly??
My sister has to do it with one of her brood too!!!
"All photos are selfies" says nana, "if you are in them yourself"!!!
I think tonight is the last night of plummeting temperatures and stunning sunsets.....
...milder from tomorrow!!! This is coming out in our garden at the moment....
...very bridal, for the start of the season, and congratulations to a member of the Greengate Tribe, who kicked off the season in style last weekend!!

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