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Sunday, 28 December 2014

28th December, 2014...Nana's birthday blog!!

At last, a frosty morning, and Nana's birthday too...a perfect excuse for heading down to Furness Abbey......and it did look lovely in the morning light!

Exactly the right weather for a birthday cappuccino and a slice of cake at Abbey Mill....thanks to Jacquie for providing a delicious slab of chocolate cake for the occasion!!
No, she's not one, or one hundred, but I'm 51 so work it out!!! And she's still holding down a full time job!!
How lovely...a festive robin had a few crumbs of the cake too!
So....we are planning next Christmas now!!! Met our friends down at Abbey Mill yesterday.....we are decamping there on New Years Afternoon for more partying! It has been lovely this Christmas catching up with people......guess it's what Christmas is all about...but this time next week we will be getting ready to go back to work again!! Actually, I love my job, so have not a thing to complain about!!! The SteveHillmanPhotography machine is just setting up to shoot a wedding at Crooklands later this afternoon, so what a lucky bride with all this sparking sunshine!
Oh, to be a kid again, just messing about at Furness Abbey!
Get yourself down here whilst it's still frosty....lovely!
And to Mrs. J,......have a lovely trip up here today.....come back refreshed and ready for next weeks onslaught!!

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