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Sunday, 6 July 2014

6th July, 2014...thank goodness for the nice guys!

Ok, so 'Sports Day' was cancelled on Friday, but the Greengate kids had a great day at Furness Abbey and Abbey Mill on Thursday! And just look at the weather today!


We brought the whole of year six down here on Thursday for a final treat before they leave....I hadn't done it before, so didn't know how it would work out.....but it was great. We set children some boundaries, Abbey Mill provided a base, ice cream and drinks, and I got us a permit to visit the ruins in the afternoon. The kids had a bit of freedom and a great time.......!

Even the boss turned out!
So, thanks to Jacquie and the Abbey Mill staff, and to English Heritage of course! And to our PCSO and neighbourhood warden Phil, who turned up to help...your support was very welcome guys, believe me!
And well done Mr.Abs and Woody, you made it to the blog!
And here's Mrs. Robs and the girls!! She's been one supportive lady this week!
SteveHillmanPhotography treated himself to a new Land Rover this week....Raymond Hillman himself had the first drive out in it....
.....seen a bit of life has the old Raymond! We are travelling to Lancaster to pick up a very prestigious guest in it Twitter and the blog for more information as it happens!! Can't wait!


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