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Sunday, 13 July 2014

13th July, 2014...SF Said and the end of the school year!

Phew! Another fantastic week, and we are heading rapidly towards the end of the summer term too! Came down to Abbey Mill for a quiet cup of tea and a's a bit breezy, but a lovely day...

Frank is testing his new boots out for the YMCA will be the first time for thirty years that we have not had one child or the other with us...he's away for four days!!

So, Monday..... well we went to Lancaster station in the morning and waited.......
....I was so on edge when we left school, I think I must have bitten at least ten people's heads off...
....finally he arrived! SF Said, our favourite children's author, all the way from Euston on a one-day-only visit to our school! My kids so wanted it to happen and it has taken all year to fix it up! I didn't quite believe it until he got off the train! And what a lovely guy he was. We chatted all the way back to Barrow, and took him to school via Furness Abbey of course!
Here he is outside school, with the head and I! The children loved it, they were so in awe of him, mainly because of his martial arts cat, Varjak Paw (read the books if you haven't already!).
He signed lots of books, and talked to the kids in a very entertaining way...I was hooked (but I was already)! A class from Barrow Island School came to join us because they are equally smitten, so it was a lovely, community afternoon! Thank you so much SF Said! Other staff a bit 'in awe' too!

(And I actually couldn't have got it sorted without help from the Mr/Mrs in the photo).
We had a superb lifted me up yet again from that place people
  keep trying to put me...karma!!!
It was lovely down here today, the true English countryside on a July afternoon...doesn't get any better.Water levels are a bit low though...who would have thought it!
Farewell assembly with my class this week...they were hilarious...they have been all year....some superb characters in there, and they are only eleven! It won't be long until the autumn and it all starts again...blackberries are developing nicely already!
Thanks SF, you certainly did.......

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