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Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March, 2014...biting wind is back!!

After a relatively mild start to the week, temperatures have fallen again and the wind chill factor is about zero Magnolias are just beginning to open too...they are in for a shock!

Frank's a tough guy though...he's doesn't need a coat!
We met my mother and sister down here today, out for a walk....'Don't take my picture, I look like an old lady' cries my mother...don't think she has realised she is 73!
Mr. H  had his first wedding yesterday at the newly refurbished Abbey House, and it is looking very swish....Oscar's (the new restaurant) not quite ready yet though!
A busy week at school this week, with musical 'messing about' and Sport Relief Scoot and's much harder being a kid nowadays...teachers can't leave you in peace to learn, there's always something you've got to join in with!!!
Good old Mrs. Leigh and her sporty ideas!
Some early cherry blossom out near the railway lines down here.... fact, everywhere is looking quite spring-like at the moment...which means there will be snow before the week's out!
Nice to kick back and enjoy an Abbey Mill Latte before the next working week...!

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