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Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st March, 2014...A stunning St. David's Day....!

Thick fog greeted us at 6am this morning...followed by a weird hail shower at 8am, but by lunch time, the sun was out, as forecasters had promised.....

Lots of people have been mentioning the lovely display of crocuses near Manor Farm, and they are definitely worth a look!
Very busy at the Abbey no sign of any wild- life.....but the ruins did look lovely in the sunshine.St. David was a monk you know....he founded a very early Celtic monastery in the 500s in Pembrokeshire...'Brothers, be ye constant....' was his motto! I like that... because I don't like disloyalty...people who know me know that!!
Daffs not quite out down here yet!
We thought we'd have a look inside the ruin today, now that some of the protective fencing has been removed. It is still not possible to go right up to the alter of the main church, but English Heritage have put a really interesting panel up, explaining their excavation findings...
It seems they have dug down to the ninth century foundations, which have been hidden for 900 years, and discovered that the original presbytery was a rounded one (apsidal), which they had guessed but didn't have proof of until they excavated....wish I could have joined in with that excavation. If I hadn't been a teacher, I'd would have loved to be an archaeologist or a palaeontologist!! Too old now!!
Blue, where have they been hiding??
Frankie is getting 'man sized''s difficult to keep him fed!! Abbey Mill Café and Last resort Café help though!!
A Furness walk on a spring day...can't beat it!!

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  1. Brilliant as always. Great photos and interesting information.