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Sunday, 2 April 2017

2nd April, 2017...Mother's Day, Mindfulness and Monumental changes!

Finally...we had a clear day to visit Furness Abbey, and we were there just before 9am. The weather promised to be stunning and I think it has delivered really felt like spring had arrived!

The beck is running really high, but it looked beautiful..... peaceful and calming down here! Interestingly, I went on a 'mindfulness' course this week, and it was so interesting...neuroscience is now proving what a lot of us 'peace, love and nature' types have known for a long time...switch your mind off and take time to 'experience' things! Jo Bentley, who delivered the course, even had a little 'bell' for signalling time, which would make our good friend Will laugh so much...he already offers me 'kale shakes' which he says I drink instead of coffee and tea!!! The course wasn't at all  'hippy-dippy', it was fascinating (so there!). Talking of tea, we had time for a spot of very early morning tea at Abbey Mill CafĂ©.....

...but poor Jackie...we hadn't realised that she had been so ill...lets hope she's on the mend soon!
Massive Mother's Day party at my house last weekend, but the SteveHIllman camera had other plans.... Uncle Andy took over with the banter.....

...whilst the SteveHillman camera did what he does best!

...and Happy Birthday to my dad, who's 76 today! It's a busy week at work, everything coming together towards the end of the spring term, with egg competitions, musical events, lottery and even this year our first 'Family Fun' night...lots of great support from families and friends of the school, and still time to join us...

 .......and the famous Mr Irv himself is running it...what's not to like!

Those of you who know us and our community know that we are now looking ahead to exciting times....this is just the start of it.....

....but for now...get out into to nature and enjoy it!!

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