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Sunday, 24 April 2016

24th April, 2016...."It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves..." Shakespeare 400 years on!'s not a 'word perfect' quote from Julius Caesar, but the meaning is clear, and 400 years later The Bard's wisdom still holds true...just got to look at the education system in his native country at the moment.....but don't get me started!!!!

Luckily, the kids at our school have teachers who focus on their 'self' development, and not on the transformation of them into 'test-passing' automatons!! Hence, not many blogs at the moment...hyper busy doing this! But still time for a chilly walk to Furness Abbey this morning....
...and it's looking slightly more green that when we came down last....a few signs of the blossom daring to open up against the icy wind!
Some beefy looking bullocks in the fields now......Frankie's not exactly looking 'dainty' either is he....still only thirteen!!
Always time for a spot of tea at Abbey Mill, whatever the weather!!
The SteveHillman camera has been busy as usual this week....My colleague and I went on a training course to the beautiful Netherwood Hotel in Grange, so along came the camera for a day out....
....lovely spot...not ready to retire there just yet!!!
Very elegant wedding at Abbey House yesterday too....gorgeous flowers, lovely setting, beautiful bride.....what a life the SteveHillman camera leads.....
...he even got to photograph HRH a few years ago...Happy Birthday to both her and The Bard this week!

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