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Sunday, 18 October 2015

18th October, 2015...Wainwright and where I trained!!

First day off for over a fortnight...we both seem to be working 10-12 hour days at the moment, six days a week...thank goodness half-term is looming. Many autumnal changes at Furness Abbey since we were here last!

                       Lovely to see it so busy...not so good for getting a seat to have a cup of tea!

We had an interesting visit from Cumbria Archives Officers last week...they have the full Alfred Wainwright archive, which they bring in to school and let children 'interrogate'. It did bring Wainwright to life in the classroom.....
...which really helped with a visit we made earlier this week, to my old stomping ground....
...and it looked as lovely as ever!
Ambleside was a rather quiet place to go to college, but after a frenetic year at Kings in London, that suited me very well. Charlotte Mason produced lots of brilliant teachers, many of whom are now local school leaders. I have the best of both worlds...I am a full time classroom teacher (which I love) and also a full time manager (which is harder, but which I also love) I said, Charlotte Mason churned out the elite!!!!
Can't beat a bit of water......
...a bit of sketching.....
...and an ice cream!!! The Water Head cafĂ© had a field day...we went in and said " sixty ice creams, four coffees and two teas please" and within fifteen minutes we had just that...superb service!
Ambleside was beautiful in the autumn sunshine...well worth a visit! And whilst the children had their lunch and played in the park, my colleagues and I reminisced about out teacher training days, the start of the lives we now live...we rarely get the chance to talk whilst we are on the shop floor because as soon as you step over the school threshold on  Monday morning, you are a 'teacher' doing your job and you don't stop again until the end of the school day on Friday... I wouldn't want it to be any other way, despite how tired we sometimes moan we are! I've been lucky over the years to work with two 'bosses' who also believe this...I've got no time for teachers who don't!
Mrs J and I need this on tee shirts at the moment I think!

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