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Friday, 31 July 2015

31st July, 2015.....Instrumental and International!

Well fancy that....the blog makes it into the Evening Mail today...but I have no idea where they've got that archived photo of me from (oh...and I'm NOT Head teacher of Greengate Juniors, merely Deputy Head!!). Clearly Abbeywatch is becoming a bit of a 'phenomenon', and it all started because of a simple conversation I had post- illness one day!

Well.....we've had a bit of a mixed bag of weather to start the school holidays...brisk breezes, sparking sunshine and some duller, quieter days...but always looking lovely down at Furness Abbey!
Frankie is working on his 'urban-warrior' look....but in reality he likes his 'home comforts' too much, which is why I have to spend so much time baking!!
They have been 'shorn' for the summer!
Thanks to Louise from Kutz!! Me.....I found the motor bike I've always coveted down here on Sunday...a new version of a Triumph Tiger.....don't look the part so much nowdays though...a bit 'middle aged' to be a biker...but you never know!!
Even though it is only the last day of July, there are sloes and blackberries forming on the bushes down here, and the evenings do have a distinctly 'autumnal' feel.....and we haven't even had a holiday yet....not much chance of that with all these wedding demands!
 Oh well....Hillmans always get plenty of walking in....just one pair of boots missing...she's at work!
So....whilst we were out on another one of our gentle  'ambles' yesterday, over by Ormsgill Quarry, a helicopter just landed in the top golf course field...of course we happened to have the little camera.....and a car drove over to the heli to pick up.....Rob Thomas I hoped, but was Dave Whelan (of DW Sports and Wigan fame) for the football funeral yesterday. Well done the SteveHillman camera again!
Rather tragic happening down at Furness Abbey on Tuesday evening....feel so sorry for the family. I'm reading or should I say have read this week, in one sitting, the James Rhodes biography 'Instrumental'...
.......a gripping read, but one to make you seethingly angry at what some people inflict on others, without even caring about consequences. The upside is that James Rhodes is a stunningly insightful and talented human being who has found a way through pretty much the worst that can be inflicted on a person, and he shows just what a member of the human race can've got to read it!
Oh, and have a walk and a think down at Furness Abbey!

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