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Thursday, 2 April 2015

2nd April, 2015...Tudor Time Travel in my favourite month!

We arrived back in Barrow on Wednesday evening to everyone shouting about the horizontal hailstones that stopped the crossing of Jubilee's been lovely weather in Stratford, don't know what all the fuss was about...and look at the weather at Furness Abbey today!

Ok....I'll allow that it is still a bit 'arctic' on top of the Lakes hills, but that's it!
So, this was sunny Upper Heyford, in North Hants...then we did a quick right hand turn and got to Stratford-on-Avon!
Look at that sky! We'd picked a lovely hotel too...I can recommend it if you are staying down here! And it's within walking distance of all the Shakespeare properties too!
If you know us, you'll know we have a love of historic buildings and these were perfect.....
...Shakespeare's birthplace had some 'live' street theatre, which was superb.....
...we requested it, they performed it..... this was 'All the world's a stage'...from As you like it!...
...and Juliet is hanging out of the window here, with 'Romeo, Romeo...wherefore art thou Romeo'!
A superb Romeo too! I would love to bring a group of kids here...pity it's so far from Barrow!
Ancient trees in the graveyard of Holy Trinity church where Shakespeare is seems he paid the local land owners extra money so that he and his family could be buried inside the church walls. 
Frank has to light his customary candle!
Interesting visit to Dr Nash's house...the husband of Susannah Shakespeare, William's daughter, who nursed him in old age. Shakespeare's own house, New Place is being excavated at the moment, and is not open to the public...I'd love to be involved in that excavation!
This was his apothecary and consulting room!
Poor old SteveHillmanPhotography... a bit redundant whilst we were shopping! Back to it this Saturday though, with his first Spring wedding!
Shakespeare quotes on your own daughter knows what's what!

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