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Saturday, 21 March 2015

21st March, 2015...Suprisingly Sunny Saturday blog!

HOORAY! At last, some lovely weather.... a crisp day of sparkling sunshine and dazzlingly blue skies!

And NO coats!!
Lovely Steve Hillman photo to promote tomorrow's Wedding blogging tomorrow as he is there with his creative director Gracie, and very creative she is too.... she is at her creative best with some crazy colleagues at our school's fashion show earlier this week! 'Bye Bye Baby' from the 1970s brought back such happy memories...I was in love with Les McKeown back then as I'm sure most fifty something ladies were! Hilariously, I had a LinkedIn invite from a guy this week that I had a serous crush on forty years ago...he won't have had any idea and in another life I might have told him, but I don't really know him now so he may not find it funny!!
Furness Abbey went rather dark yesterday....the Steve Hillman camera couldn't resist coming down to try and capture the 'eclipse'!
Pretty stunning!!
Lovely down here today......! In fact, we have lots of stunning views to enjoy in Barrow....
...the Steve Hillman Camera does justice to them all! Why would you not book him for your wedding!! Shameless advertising....better be careful not to get closed down!!
So, here's MORE shameless are Furness Flames Netball Club in their new (Steve Hillman) promo photo, and WOW! can those girls play!! I'm promoting my colleagues here.....
....and here......
....Steve Hillman took a sneaky shot of last night's Abbey Musical production of Hairspray! It was superb....especially the members of the teaching fraternity that were cast members, and all credit to it's producer and was a really professional and fun show!
Full of the joys of Spring this weekend!!!

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