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Sunday, 16 November 2014

16th November, 2014...speeding along towards Christmas!!

Slept for an eight hour block on Friday night and a nine hour block on Saturday night, along with a two hour power-nap this afternoon....never been known before! I am usually the worst sleeper in history, but this morning at 6.30am I lay there bemused thinking 'I hope it isn't Monday, because I should be out of here in an hour and I haven't washed my hair!' It was a stressful week last week, on so many levels, so I can only attribute it to that! And Christmas! Which has arrived with a vengeance at work!!

Abbey House is beautifully festive already...looking forward to our staff party there in a few weeks time! It has been a very mild November and there has been no work to do in the garden, as nothing has died back yet. Lovely down at Furness Abbey this weekend too!

Plenty of water in the beck now! Frankie is getting that 'long, lean, teenage look'. Where does the time go?
We walked around the back-woods of Furness Abbey today, and wondered what these rocky escarpments were?? One is very rough, and looks natural, but the other looks like a giant wall of some kind?
Frank enjoying himself though...........
.......especially with his burger and chips!!! Abbey Mill was packed out this morning, which is great!
We were looking at some of the trees around here today, and reckoning some of them are at least 300 years old! Many are fallen or covered in fungi, but I bet they could tell a fair few stories if only they could speak!!
The paths and meadows are littered with insects, grubs and cob nuts and the local birds seem to be having a feeding they know something we don't?
Lots of fun was had by our school on 'Children in Need' day last Friday, and our Teddy Mountain to be raffled off at our Christmas Fair, was particularly impressive this year! I feel so lucky to work with the group of kids and colleagues that I do.....funny, generous, kind and so characterful....long may it continue!!!
Don't forget to come!!

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