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Sunday, 7 September 2014

7th September,2014...Mellow autumnal weather!

As usual, back to school means the start of Indian Summer....I'm in my 29th year of teaching now and pretty much every September has heralded a spell of delightful weather...warm days, long shadows, beautiful sunsets and chilly evenings...lovely!! Perfect day for a walk and lunch at Abbey Mill!


Look at that sky!! We did consider heading up to Windermere today to watch the Lancaster Bombers fly-past, but we didn't make it...I'm sure it will be televised later. I watched a program last night reviewing footage from the 9/11 bombings on the World Trade Centre ten years ago this week. It still beggars belief when you watch what happened....all you can hope is that whatever comes after death has value for the innocent people who died. Elizabeth Kubler Ross...interesting work on 'after-death'....superbly clever woman!
There have been some stunning autumnal sunsets this week....we've walked up to How Tun Woods most evenings, just to sit and enjoy them!
Frankie think's he's back on his summer holidays!
As everyone was crowed around Abbey Mill today, we did manage to see some birdlife. Really annoying though....we saw a Kingfisher flying up the beck but were not quick enough to capture it on the camera. We did see this greedy Jay looking for early acorns, and this Wagtail grabbing may flies from the surface of the water.
Fruits and seeds in abundance down here, although my roses at home have got a second wind, and are in full bloom again!
My dad is a fan of sloe gin....and there are plenty of them down here, if you know where to look!
Frankie... not that thrilled to be back at school, whereas I was very happy to be back....I like to be busy, and with thirty kids in my class this year I AM BUSY! I work with some lovely, kind-hearted people....they are generous, non-judgmental and hilariously funny...thank you to all those make my working life so much fun! And in the words of that very wise and clever woman,
Elizabeth  Kubler Ross.....

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