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Sunday, 10 August 2014

10th August, 2014...Wuthering Heights weather!!

Well, we didn't get the remnants of Bertha, but it's been very soggy today! Up on the hills around the Abbey, it was deserted and quite atmospheric!!

It was rather like the North York Moors!!
That bit of the A65, after Ingleton.....Heathcliffe.....Kathy...!! The 'black-and-white' photography helps!!
It was very wet!!!! Jack Wolfskin saved the day, as always!! Who took the photo, I wonder??
Here's another of the 'helicopter flight' photos that the SteveHillman camera has been keeping to himself!! We live in a great place, don't we?!!
Abbey Mill today and earlier in the week, with a little bit of sun!! The trouble is, if you only come down here in the good weather, you miss all the ghostly and atmospheric vibe of a rainy or stormy day....try it the next time we get a storm coming in, and see if you agree!!
So....earlier in the week, we thought we'd travel a bit further afield for our dose of history, and we visited the Museum of Lakeland Life, at Abbot Hall in Kendal!
It does have some rather fascinating exhibits about how farmers and gentlefolk lived, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries (and Frank loved the Postman Pat exhibition!).
Barbara Hepworth also has a sculpture exhibition in the gallery attached to the hall. I wanted to check this out for a visit by our year six children, but I'm now not sure they'd be comfortable with the reverence clearly accorded to this artist!
Interesting....but I think we will stick to taking year six to Morecambe for the 'Bird sculpture trail''s much more hands on (and we love to have an ice cream in Brucciani's!).
We did drop in to Kendal Parish Church whilst we were there. It is over 800 years old, and has a lot of interesting history attached to it, including the Parr Chapel, which was the family chapel of  Lady Katherine Parr's and her family. My mother liked sitting here and thinking.....Henry V111 is one of her favourite characters!
So, try a trip out to Kendal if you are history/countryside enthusiasts like us!!

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