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Friday, 30 August 2013

30th August, 2013.... turning cooler!!

August is nearly at an end (don't forget the Medieval Fayre tomorrow!), and a chilly wind was blowing down here this afternoon. Back to school next week!!

Frank's got his back to school face on... I'm quite looking forward to it!
Grass cutting down here today..sprucing the place up for tomorrow.
And all accompanied by the piper was like walking through Glen Coe!!
There are a few hints that leaves are beginning their slow death........
.......and more and more brown, ploughed fields!
Interesting piece in the Evening Mail tonight about Little Mill, one of the water mills built by the Cistercians...I'm not quite sure where the remains are, but we'd love to walk along and photograph it for the blog.
We've got starling turf wars in our garden at the moment, and they are vicious. We have seven collared doves coming for food and drink, but the starlings attack them as well as each other!
Not very ZEN, our starlings!! (I'm reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now at the moment!!)
What a peaceful, pastoral scene... Furness Abbey!

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