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Sunday, 13 January 2019

13th January, 2019.....Stormy Sunday!

Christmas is but a distant memory (thank goodness!) and after a busy week at work we decided to brave the windy, showery weather and head to Furness Abbey.....

...and we got soaked!!

But it was looking lovely and atmospheric, as always....

….and it was warm and cosy inside Abbey Mill Café, with the wood burner blasting out!

We loved this little sign outside, in light of that very silly story about a Coniston café banning 'screaming children'...…..schools will be banning children next!!!!!!!

It doesn't mentioned 'well-behaved nanas' though!!

This was one from Christmas, when she was definitely being 'well-behaved' and posh!

Here's me and the boy looking quite posh too......FAMILY...

…...important for us all at the moment!

P.S. Don't forget to pop down and see Steve Hillman next week at this event!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2nd January, 2019...Happy New Year and a hard frost!

After the final 'family gathering' of the season, we couldn't resist getting up early and heading out to Furness Abbey in the minus two degrees early morning air temperature...… was looking absolutely lovely this morning! We heard this little guy crying out in a tree...aren't they supposed to be was hardly moving?

So, we finally get 'Christmassy' weather, just as everyone is heading back to work!!

Happy New Year everybody!

Monday, 24 December 2018

24th December, 2018...Mild and misty Christmas Eve!

What a beautiful morning, after two days of rain....we headed out at 8am in search of the sunrise.....

...sun and moon in opposition on the high level bridge! Don't we live in an atmospheric place! We then headed down to Furness Abbey.....

...which was full of frost and mist...magical!

Thirty-six years today since we met...we always go for an anniversary breakfast..... we chose the very Christmassy Chandlers! It was lovely!! Then two years after, thirty-four years ago, this one arrived....

...we celebrated with an Italian flavoured family buffet, bang on the end of term!

Lots of busy weddings in the past few days...….

...and now......RELAX!! Merry Christmas to you all!

Sunday, 16 December 2018

16th December 2018...Christmas Treasure!

After storm Deidre yesterday, we had to make the most of a sunny start to Sunday, and we headed down to Furness Abbey quite early...

...look at the contrasting skies...

...that's all due to come down by tea time!!!

Plenty of water in the beck now....

...and a warm welcome from Abbey Mill Café after a chilly walk! The Steve Hillman Camera popped down during the very foggy morning we had earlier in the week...


Christmas festivities are well and truly upon us....

...Abbey House looking festive for our Philippines meal last week, followed by the beautiful Dalton St. Mary's Christmas Tree Festival....

Not forgetting the Greengate tree!

And of course, the Furness Abbey Fellowship tree!

We loved the RNLI tree too!!

Early Christmas present from my treasured husband...he reckoned I needed cheering up!! 

The brilliant Tommy Shaw...who wouldn't be cheered up!

Finished the week with 'Treasure on Greengate Island', which had nods to the town's heritage, with Barrowhead village, the docks and The Harbour Inn!!

And 'HI' to Al who has returned from her Australian adventure for Christmas!
It had been a tiring but amazing week- we are lucky to have great family, fantastic friends and brilliant colleagues...thanks to all of you for your support- we treasure it!